Rebecca Maas

Rebecca Maas is a clinical and holistic nutritionist and herbalist dedicated to helping individuals increase their overall quality of life, attain optimal health, and live vibrantly. An integral part of Rebecca’s methodology is to use food’s essential nutrients as medicine to help treat her clients, prevent illness, and foster healing, so they can thrive.

Rebecca specializes in treatment and reversal of auto-immunity, t2 diabetes, intestinal permeability and adrenal fatigue. Her individualized approach is to treat the body as a whole system. She helps her clients identify and address the root cause of their illness, to better support the body, and bring them to optimal health.

Rebecca spends time with each client, does a full intake and thorough assessment. She learns about their history and looks at the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Because of the relationship between all the systems of the body, these key influences can impact not only day-to-day health, but also long term health, and complex, chronic disease. In this way, the functional approach supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual, and can vastly improve overall quality of life.

Because it is important to Rebecca to accommodate the individual needs of her clients, she is available to work with each client in their preferred setting, whether it’s in a private one-on-one, on phone or Skype and in family settings. Rebecca also works with kids, teens, and geriatrics. Rebecca can be brought into a family's home to bring about total healing transformation, including individualized pantry clean-up and meal planning.

Rebecca attended UC Berkeley, UCLA and Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas, CA where she completed her HHP (holistic health practitioner), CCMH (certified clinical master herbalist) and CN (certified nutritionist).

Rebecca’s passion for the field is met by a lifetime of practice. Her unique experience growing up, solely using herbs, food, and homeopathic medicine, gives her practical knowledge and firsthand success. These tools, coupled with her strong educational background, exemplify Rebecca’s ability to provide her clients with unparalleled insight, expertise, and the utmost care.​​
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