Maas Method


Symptoms are the language our bodies use to speak to us, to claim our attention. Illness can be invitational. And when we do the work of exploration & healing we are introduced to ourself, our truest optimized version of us.


YPO Speaking Engagements

YPO Fast Facts

Since its inception in 1950, YPO (The Young Presidents Organization) has emerged as a premier global community for chief executives dedicated to fostering growth among leaders. YPO invites these leaders to unite in their pursuit of enhancing lives, businesses, and the broader world. With inclusivity at its core, the YPO network thrives on the rich diversity of its members, encompassing varied cultural backgrounds, viewpoints, and areas of expertise, all converging to shape a brighter, shared future.

By the Numbers

I have been a YPO spouse since 2001, when my husband, Michael Maas, became a YPO member and co-founded the OC chapter and later the OC Gold chapter.

In 2017, I accepted the invitation to become a YPO resource. I will speak at regional and international events, work with forums, and work with YPOers and spouses/partners in individual and group settings. I have also been invited into YPO homes to work with children and families through approaches such as pantry cleanouts and in-home wellness training.

I have provided education and support on topics around family health, hormones, performance optimization, and detox to YPO. Through my interaction with this vibrant community,I continueto expand my knowledge and impact.


Upcoming Speaking Events

I am a totally new person.

Rebecca has helped me so much by coming up with solutions for my diet and lifestyle so I could start living a healthier life and feeling well. My cravings, my weight, inflammation and lipids are all optimal now. I have energy and can think clearly. Our work together changed my relationship with food and with my own body. Rebecca has helped so much and I can’t ever thank her enough. If you are looking for help to change your life for the better she’s the one!