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Meet Rebecca Maas

Your Guide to Optimizing Health

I was raised in a family that solely used herbs, food, and homeopathic medicine to treat illness and other conditions. This background shaped my holistic perspective on health and gave me practical knowledge and firsthand success.

My passion for the field continued, and I attended UC Berkeley, UCLA, and the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, where I earned my HHP (holistic health practitioner), CCMH (certified clinical master herbalist), and CN (certified nutritionist).

I had the incredible opportunity to work for Restoration Healthcare, a functional medicine practice. As their Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, I worked with a team of doctors treating patients with complex chronic conditions and providing hands-on care.

Restoration Healthcare Co-founder and Medical Director Sunny Raleigh says, “Rebecca is a caring, dedicated, and trusted professional who has both the clinical knowledge and expertise to provide excellent health and nutritional coaching as well as the compassion, curiosity, and listening skills necessary to connect with patients in a way that drive invaluable outcomes.”

Whether you have complex chronic conditions or are a high-functioning individual who wants to optimize your health and performance, I can help. My background, combined with a solid educational foundation, has equipped me with the insights and skills to offer exceptional care and results for over 15 years.

As a skilled clinical and holistic nutritionist and herbalist, I am committed to optimizing your health using the power of functional medicine. Focusing on food as medicine, I offera unique approach to health, utilizing the healing powers of herbs and food’s essential nutrients to promote wellness, prevent illness, and foster healing so you can thrive.


My vision is to support the nascent transformation of healthcare as it moves away from the disease model and becomes more focused on utilizing a holistic and integrative paradigm that offers personalized care, enabling you not just to survive but thrive. We aim to empower you in optimize your health and to guide you toward more vibrant living.

I am committed to providing tools and support for your journey to sustained and deep wellness.


I am dedicated to supporting you as you optimize your health and live without unnecessary bodily suffering. I provide you with compassionate care and foster a clinical environment where you can connect to your optimal self.Through active listening and co-regulation, I will partner with youto develop a customized plan that addresses the root causes of your health challenges, awakening your body’s innate healing capacity and enlivening your relationship with your body.

I can also work in partnership with your physicians as part of your medical team. My mission is to create a partnership with you on your wellness journey, supporting you each step of the way as you optimize your lived experience.

My Personalized Approach

I’m a nutritionist and wellness expert who regards the clinical relationship as a partnership between myself, my clients, and their families. I will spend time with you conducting a thorough health history that serves to reveal the interactions between environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors. These layered influences shape our day-to-day and long-term health and can impact the manifestation of chronic disease. Through this compassionate and individualized approach, I treat the body as a whole system, helping you to identify and address the root cause of your symptoms so as to better support the body and our manifestation of optimal health.

Client Convenience

Flexible and Comprehensive Care

My commitment to convenience means I offer sessions and meetings in various formats, adapting to your preferred environment. You can choose from a private 1:1 in-person meeting at your location (if you live in Orange County), a telehealth video call, or a family setting. Also, my services extend to all age groups, from kids to geriatrics.

Also, I am available for in-home consultations and pantry cleanouts where I work with your entire family, teaching you how to read food labels and grocery shop. The goal is to help you transform your living space into a health-boosting environment.

After just 2 weeks with Rebecca my need for insulin (pump) went down, my body starting responding right away I couldn’t believe it. I am reversing my diabetes and normalizing my AIC, with her guidance and now all of my other health issues are also resolving. I have better energy, clear thinking, better sleep and my lab values are better overall. This is really living and thriving. My 6 year old daughter says I am happier. Thank you, Rebecca.