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Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Are you fighting your body or are you working with it to heal?

Choose Your Path to Optimal Well-Being with Rebecca Maas

At Maas Method, I am committed to your holistic well-being and healing. To support your journey to optimal health, I offer flexible and personalized options for your functional nutritionist and medicine experience. Whether you prefer the intimate and detailed care of one-on-one appointments, the shared camaraderie of group sessions, or the convenience of telemedicine, I provide different appointment formats to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Explore the options below to find the path that resonates most with you.

Select Your Ideal Treatment Approach


As a functional medicine nutritionist and practitioner who passionately believes in personalized care, I embrace a one-on-one approach, ensuring that each client receives undivided attention and care. Delving into your history, lifestyle, and unique health challenges, I will uncover the root causes of your conditions. This approach is not just about treating symptoms. It’s about understanding your body, environment, and lifestyle to create a tailored and integrative health plan. With the maasmethod, you’re not just a patient. You’re a partner in your journey to optimal health.


My functional medicine group sessions offer a unique and collaborative approach to health and wellness. Group sessions can include home visits where I work with the whole family, from kids to grandparents. We embark on a pantry cleanout, and I will teach you how to read food labels and give you tips for grocery shopping. Group sessions also extend to corporations and businesses where I can talk to your community about the benefits of optimizing health and getting started. In both settings, you will find a sense of camaraderie and mutual support, empowering you to learn from each other while pursuing your personal health goals.


At Maas Method, I embrace the cutting-edge convenience of telemedicine to extend my functional medicine care to you regardless of your location. With a focus on accessibility and flexibility, I providecomprehensive one-on-one consultations through a secure online platform, allowing you to receive personalized functional nutritionist care from the comfort of your home. This approach ensures that you have access to thorough assessments, tailored health strategies, and continuous support no matter where you are. Through telemedicine, we go beyond geographical barriers while ensuring that your journey to optimal health is maintained with the utmost consistency and care.

Optimized Outcomes

The MAAS Method Approach to Functional Medicine

I take a distinctive approach to functional medicine, emphasizing a deep understanding of your unique health narrative. I will listen to your story to reverse engineer to origin of your problems to create a treatment plan that addresses your health concerns and restores health. My method ensures that I consider every aspect of your well-being in your journey toward optimal health.

I address a range of conditions with functional medicine, including the following:

After identifying the causes of your health issues, I use various strategies, from targeted nutritional plans to herbal remedies, to align with your body’s natural healing processes.

And by fostering a collaborative partnership, I empower you to actively participate in your health. I am here to guide you with expert advice and supportive coaching. My approach is about alleviating symptoms and igniting a transformative process that leads to sustained health so you can thrive.

Rebecca reversed my pre-diabetes!

My doctor wanted to put me on medications and I knew there was another way. I am grateful I found Rebecca and she, with her vast knowledge and compassion, led me on a journey get and stay well. Its just like she says, I “had the power all along” I am so grateful for her guidance. My AIC went from 5.6 to 5.1 , I lost 17 pounds, no more sleep issues, foggy brain or food cravings. Also, my lipids and blood pressure are all normal now! Thank you Rebecca! I send her anyone who will listen because she knows her stuff!