Maas Method



I Highly Recommend Rebecca Maas For The Following Reasons

Rebecca is very knowledgeable about nutrition and she truly enjoys helping others. She is a very good listener and connects with people. When you are with her she gives you her full attention and takes notes that she will later share with you. Her down to earth approach, combined with her personalized plan and guidance for your specific situation, is what makes her different. She took me to the next level and today I feel and look better than when I went to see her the first time.

As a competitive tennis player, my body now has more energy, endurance and stamina to play for 3 hours or 4 hours. I feel healthy and strong. Of course for this to work I had to do my part, change my eating habits, sources of food and fully commit to treating my body with love, care and respect. They say when the student is ready the master will appear. Couldn’t agree more, Rebecca showed up.

Rebecca Maas has changed my life!

Rebecca Maas has changed my life! I am incredibly grateful for her expertise, her care and her confident, yet gentle approach. Rebecca was first invited to our YPO Spouse Forum as a resource to speak on menopause, hormone education, and nutrition. Rebecca’s depth of knowledge surpasses even the best doctors I’ve ever worked with in this field. I was so impressed I started working with her immediately as a private client.

I have struggled with digestive issues for 30 years, suffering from chronic bloating, abdominal discomfort/pain, difficulty evacuating and fatigue. In six months working with Rebecca I feel absolutely revitalized. The approach was multi-pronged which included taking supplements, lifestyle modification, dietary changes based on food sensitivities and inflammatory triggers.

I feel light, energized, and in control.

Rebecca really cares about my health and well-being. I trust Rebecca’s expertise and guidance and truly feel she is my partner in my journey to vitality.

Rebecca reversed my pre-diabetes!

My doctor wanted to put me on medications and I knew there was another way. I am grateful I found Rebecca and she, with her vast knowledge and compassion, led me on a journey get and stay well. Its just like she says, I “had the power all along” I am so grateful for her guidance. My AIC went from 5.6 to 5.1 , I lost 17 pounds, no more sleep issues, foggy brain or food cravings. Also, my lipids and blood pressure are all normal now! Thank you Rebecca! I send her anyone who will listen because she knows her stuff!

This is really living and thriving.

After just 2 weeks with Rebecca my need for insulin (pump) went down, my body starting responding right away I couldn’t believe it. I am reversing my diabetes and normalizing my AIC, with her guidance and now all of my other health issues are also resolving. I have better energy, clear thinking, better sleep and my lab values are better overall. This is really living and thriving. My 6 year old daughter says I am happier. Thank you, Rebecca.

I am a totally new person.

Rebecca has helped me so much by coming up with solutions for my diet and lifestyle so I could start living a healthier life and feeling well. My cravings, my weight, inflammation and lipids are all optimal now. I have energy and can think clearly. Our work together changed my relationship with food and with my own body. Rebecca has helped so much and I can’t ever thank her enough. If you are looking for help to change your life for the better she’s the one!

Rebecca should be a part of anyone’s medical team

Rebecca Maas is truly knowledgeable, professional, and very caring. I’ve been a patient of Rebecca’s for two years and her dedication to her craft is impeccable while her attention to detail and problem solving is spectacular. I highly recommend Rebecca Maas as a Holistic Clinician who should be a part of anyone’s medical team.

Rebecca healed my relationship with food.

I’ve worked with several nutritionists over the years but, by far, Rebecca Maas is THE best. Rebecca listens; she takes into account my lifestyle and likes/dislikes when she makes recommendations, and never gets frazzled when I get off track or forget things. Eating healthy can be difficult when you have a demanding life, as well as chromic health issues. I truly appreciate Rebecca’s wisdom, patience, encouragement and her seemingly unending ideas, even after a year together.

Working with Rebecca helped me to shift my mindset around food and health

I am so grateful to have found Rebecca Maas, who is both knowledgeable and compassionate. She listened to my non-negotiables and worked with me on a plan to help heal my relationship with food from the inside out. Her loving approach allowed for me to reflect on my past behavior of unconscious eating without judgement or guilt. My mindset shift is one of the biggest takeaways I have acquired as a result of working with Rebecca over the years. Another take away is the positive influence she has had on our family. Both of my teenage sons work with Rebecca now to focus on what they genuinely aspire towards, a healthier lifestyle. I am very grateful to have found her through my functional medicine clinic!