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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

When your body speaks, listen.

Empower Your Audience with Wellness Insights

I am not just an expert in functional medicine and holistic wellness. I’malso a public speaker who brings knowledge and passion to audiences worldwide. Besides keynote speeches and lectures, I am also experienced in presenting at business and corporate events. I invite you to browse through my key talks and a showcase of engagements, where I delveinto topics that resonate with everyone, from high-level executives to everyday individuals seeking to connect with their optimal selves. My goal is to inspire your audience to reclaim their relationship with themselves, food, and their health.

When you schedule me to speak at your event, you will find my talks are more than lectures. They are interactive experiences designed to enlighten and provoke thought while providing practical, actionable strategies for achieving optimal health. Discover how I can illuminate your next event, workshop, or conference, leaving attendees empowered and informed on their journey to wellness.

Speaking Topics Sample (not limited to)

  1. Connecting You to You

    Learn how to reclaim your health through healing your relationship with yourself and your body.

  2. Get Well for Good

    How to leverage our body’s ability to heal and to thrive.

    Our body has innate wisdom, and when combined with the science of longevity we can harness the power of our own biology to create our optimal self and live with vitality.

  3. How to Break up with Sugar

    Practical support and take home value on how to start weakening the dependence that we have for sugars and processed foods. Including why this is so imperative for preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases, optimizing wellness and increasing our healthspan.

  4. Sugar Stress Syndrome

    Addressing insulin resistance and cortisol regulation for optimal aging and performance.  Learn how to improve your relationship with sugar and improve your stress response, thereby decelerating aging.

  5. Dietary Systems explained

    Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Vegan, Fasting . . . Mythbusting and explaining the utility of popular health trends and how and when to use them to best support longevity, dampen inflammation and boost metabolism.

  6. Detox: what, why and who is it for?

    It’s a trend these days but does it has clinical value and safe application? How to understand and support our body’s innate ability to clear toxins and support our most neglected and vital organ, the liver, and the implications for healthy aging, optimal weight and performance.

  7. How to Make a Happier Brain

    How to leverage your lifestyle, food & nutrient choices to supportyour mainframe.

    Our nervous system  determines our feeling states and behavior. When we are taught how to support and nourish our brain, we like our life more.

  8. Our Health Blind Spots

    What we will not do is what is controlling our health outcomes. (ouch)

    The good news is we can heal the relationship we have with food and self care, and insodoing make peace with unconscious eating, impulsive food choices and behaviors that may sabotage our health span.Personal and tactical information is offered on how to address underlying motivations and old programming around food, weight and health.

  9. The Science of Prevention

    The top causes of death are lifestyle driven, what this means and what longevity science teaches us about  preventing and reversing conditions like metabolic  syndrome,  heart disease and obesity.

Customized Keynotes & Presentations

For these engagements, I workclosely with the meeting planners and leadership team to identify and customize a talk that reflects the needs of your group.

I also offercustomized keynotes and presentations. Recognizing each audience’s uniqueness, I collaboratewith meeting planners and leadership teams to identify and customize talks that reflect your group’s needs.

My process involves understanding the group’s dynamics, objectives, and challenges to tailor an informative and transformative message. I also integrate the latest insights from functional medicine with relatable stories and practical advice, making complex concepts accessible to all. My goal is to leave a lasting impact, empowering individuals to make informed health choices to optimize health and performance.

Focusing on audience engagement, I incorporateinteractive elements, such as Q&A sessions, to foster a connection and encourage a two-way exchange of ideas. Whether addressing a small workshop or a large conference, I’m dedicated to making my talks a valuable addition to your event.

I highly recommend Rebecca Maas for the following reasons

Rebecca is very knowledgeable about nutrition and she truly enjoys helping others. She is a very good listener and connects with people. When you are with her she gives you her full attention and takes notes that she will later share with you. Her down to earth approach, combined with her personalized plan and guidance for your specific situation, is what makes her different. She took me to the next level and today I feel and look better than when I went to see her the first time.

As a competitive tennis player, my body now has more energy, endurance and stamina to play for 3 hours or 4 hours. I feel healthy and strong. Of course for this to work I had to do my part, change my eating habits, sources of food and fully commit to treating my body with love, care and respect. They say when the student is ready the master will appear. Couldn’t agree more, Rebecca showed up.